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Costa Rica 

DAY 21 Jan. 21, 2000

San Jose, Costa Rica 

We are having an absolutely super time here in San Jose. What a gorgeous country! Now it's after dinner on our last night in the city and a band is playing the dancingest music you've ever heard.

 There is a big wooden xylophone with 3 men playing it, a man playing a sax, another on the drums, and a young boy with a rasp adding to the rhythm. It's fabulous. I could sit here forever, but most everyone has left to get ready for tomorrow's early departure. I got ready before dinner so I'll sit a bit and share today's fun.  I went on a tour called the Rainforest Canopy. We drove to the Rainforest lodge in a van. Then each of us were outfitted with a tight strong harness around our waists and bottoms so that we could dangle from cables in the tree tops, and a heavy duty pair of leather gloves. Then we hiked for 45 minutes or so up and up through the rainforest until we arrived at the site. We climbed a ladder to a platform in a tree 100 feet or so above the ground and there we were shown how to glide from one tree to another on strong tight cables. It was really fun! I just zoomed along! You could slow down or brake by putting a gloved hand on the cable but not me! Wheee! But on the 9th and last cable I had to do some serious braking or I would have crashed into the tree. It was gorgeous up there in the canopy. The trunks and branches of the trees were festooned with epiphytes, plants that had made themselves at home way up in the treetops. The trees were swaying in the wind. It was misting or softly raining the whole afternoon but it was like a warm gentle caress. I wished it would never end but after nine glides we had to leave the canopy. There was no ladder, instead we were dropped down on a rope. That rather took my breath away! What a great time I had! Adios!


Costa Rica 









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