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Notes  03/25/01

CD Copies of Alice's Web Page and Trip Photo's

The Web and Photo CD's are now available.  It will includes the web pages as seen below without the delay of the internet.

The Photos are unedited except for removal of redundant photos.  I have left "out of focus" shots of Riders in the files.  The files are in original format and are about 500 KB per photo.  

I have also included a program (ACDsee trial version) for viewing and listening to Alice's photo's and narrative.  The software can be previewed at the ACDnet home page.  You may play the files as a slide show with the narrative enabled.  The photos are arranged in files (about 18) corresponding to regions visited.  There are about 3000 photo's with most if not all Odyssey Riders included.

The CD set includes 3 CD's.  The first will be the Web pages, the optional software and a portion of the photos.  The second will be photos only and the third will be the remainder of the photos.  They are distributed at cost - $5.00 (includes mailing).  

If you have not already contacted me by email for the CD set you can E-Mail me at with your mailing address.   I will mail the CD's with a return envelope for the $5.00 fee.

Happy Trails,  Todd

E-Mail Alice at

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Page 1 Introduction
Page 2 California-Baja Mexico
Page 3 Baja and FAQ's
Page 4 Lapaz, Baja and San Jose, Costa Rica
Page 5 San Jose, Costa Rica                                                                             
Page 6 San Jose to San Isidro
Page 7 Costa Rica to Panama
Page 8 Santiago, Chile
Page 9 Chile, Camping Pictures, More FAQ's
Page 10 Chile                                                                                
Page 11 Chile                                                                                            
Page 12 Chile to Argentina
Page 13 Argentina to South Africa
Page 14 South Africa - Hazyview
Page 15 South Africa - Hazyview to Ezulweni, Mbabane, Swaziland
Page 16 Ezulweni, Mbabane, Swaziland to Hluhluwe, South Africa                       
Page 17 Hluhluwe, South Africa to Durban, South Africa                                     
Page 18 Durban, South Africa to Umtata, South Africa                      
Page 19 Umtata, South Africa to East London, South Africa               
Page 20 East London, South Africa  to Port Elizabeth, South Africa                       
Page 21 Port Elizabeth, South Africa to Storms River
Page 22 Storms River to Swellendam, South Africa
Page 23  Swellendam to Cape Town, South Africa
Page 24 Cape Town, South Africa
Page 25 Cape Town, South Africa to Athens to Tiros Arcadia, Greece               
Page 26 Tiros Arcadia to Patra, Greece                                                                   
Page 27 Patra, Greece to Alberello, Italy                                                                  
Page 28 Alberello, Italy to Marina di Camerota, Italy                                             
Page 29 Marina di Camerota to Pompei, Italy                                                        
Page 30 Pompei to Rome, Italy                                                                                
Page 31 Rome to Assisi, Italy                                                                                  
Page 32 Assisi to Caprese, Michelangelo, Italy                                               
Page 33 Caprese, Michelangelo, Italy to Nice, France                                            
Page 34 Nice to Sanary-sur-Mer, France                                                              
Page 35 Sanary-sur-Mer to Carcassonne, France                                                  
Page 36 Carcassonne to Ax les Thermes, France                                                     
Page 37 Ax les Thermes, France, then Spain and Gibraltar                          
Page 38 Gibraltar to Motril, Spain                                                                            
Page 39 Motril to Cordoba, Spain                                                                            
Page 40 Cordobal to Seville, Spain                                                                            
Page 41 Seville , Spain  to Evora, Portugal                                            
Page 42 Evora, Portugal   to Washington, D.C.                                                       
Page 43 Washington, D.C. to Freeland, MD                                                           
Page 44 Freeland, MD. to Valley Forge, PA                                                     
Page 45 Valley Forge, PA. to New York, NY                                                           
Page 46 New York, NY. to Verona, NY                                                                   
Page 47 Verona, NY. to Ottawa, Canada                                                                 
Page 48 Ottawa  to  Hawkesbury, Canada                                                               
Page 49 Hawkesbury  to  Montreal, Canada                                                     
Page 50 Paris to Angers, France                                                                               
Page 51 Angers, France to Fecamp, France                                                             
Page 52 Fecamp, France to Dover, England                                                        
Page 53 Barmouth, Wales to Strandhill (Sligo), Ire                                                
Page 54 Strandhill (Sligo) to Belfast, Ire                                                                
Page 55 Belfast, Ire  to Inveraray, Scotland                                                     
Page 56 Inveraray  to Aberdeen , Scotland                                                          
Page 57 Aberdeen , Scotland to Gol, Norway                                                          
Page 58 Gol, Norway  to Oslo, Norway                                                                   
Page 59 Oslo, Norway -Sweden-Copenhagen, Denmark                                        
Page 60 Copenhagen, Denmark to Nykoping, Sweden                                           
Page 61 Nykoping, Sweden to Turku, Finland                                                        
Page 62 Turku, Finland to Helsinki & St. Petersburg                                              
Page 63 Helsinki to Senftenberg, Germany                                                              
Page 64 Senftenberg, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic                                    
Page 65 Prague, Czech Republic to Salzburg, Austria                                             
Page 66 Salzburg, Austria to Munich, Germany                                                       
Page 67 Munich, Germany to Flims, Switzerland                                                 
Page 68 Flims, Switzerland to Geneva, Switzerland                                                  
Page 69 Geneva to Zurzach, Switzerland                                                                   
Page 70 Zurzach, Switzerland  to Bad Durkheim, Germany                                      
Page 71 Bad Durkheim, Germany  to Luxembourg                                                   
Page 72 Luxembourg to Mol, Belgium                                                                       
Page 73 Mol, Belgium to Kamperland, The Netherlands                                       
Page 74 Kamperland to Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands                                
Page 75 Noordwijkerhout to Cologne, Germany                                                       
Page 76 Cologne, Germany to Canberra, Australia                                                  
Page 77 Canberra, Australia to Woolongong, Australia                                            
Page 78 Woolongong, Australia to Flying Fish Point                                                 
Page 79 Flying Fish Point, Australia to Cairns                                               
Page 80 Cairns, Australia to Amanohashidate, Japan                                            
Page 81 Amanohashidate to Fukuoaka, Japan                                                         
Page 82 Fukuoaka, Japan  to Hong Kong                                                  
Page 83 Hong Kong to Yangshuo, China                                                                   
Page 84 Yangshuo to Guilin, China                                                                            
Page 85 Guilin to Longshen, China                                                                            
Page 86 Longshen to Liuzhou, China                                                                         
Page 87

Liuzhou, China to Hanoi, Vietnam                                                               

Page 88 Hanoi to Nha Trang, Vietnam                                                                     
Page 89 Nha Trang to Phan Thiet, Vietnam                                                            
Page 90 Phan Thiet, Vietnam to Trang, Thailand                                                   
Page 91 Trang to Yali, Thailand                                                                                
Page 92 Yali, Thailand to Kota Bharu, Malaysia                                                    
Page 93 Kota Bharu to Merang, Malaysia                                                           
Page 94 Merang to Kuala Rompin, Malaysia                                                         
Page 95 Kuala Rompin, Malaysia to Singapore                                                       
Page 96 Singapore to Queenstown, New Zealand                                                   
Page 97 Queenstown to Haast, New Zealand                                                          
Page 98 Haast to St. Arnaud, New Zealand                                                             
Page 99 St. Arnaud to Wellington, New Zealand                                                     
Page 100 Wellington to Waihi, New Zealand                                                           
Page 101 Waihi, New Zealand  to Hawaii                                                            
Page 102 Kona to Hilo, Hawaii                                                                           
Page 103 Hilo to Kona, Hawaii                                                                                      
Page 104 Kona to Honolulu, Hawaii                                                                              
Page 105 Honolulu, Hawaii to Burbank, CA                                                                
Page 106   Lake Sutherland, WA   (End)                                     


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